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Don't Ever Again Be Embarrassed With Your Hair-Loss.

Your appearance is Important. Most agree their hair is one of the major 'players' here. Clothes can hide much or you can drop a few pounds, But, you can't always wear a cap!

First you try to hide your balding with thickening gels, then comb your hair this way and that, then cut it very short or shave it, (which accelerate balding)! or even think about growing a beard. You still get sympathetic stares. Be aware that hair loss accelerates all the time as your hair root damage adds-up & your hair-harming hormone increases with age.

You owe this to yourself. You Will to look and feel 10-15 years more youthful.. and sexier.. Unless you make the choice that you'll regret in as little as 6 months!

My photos show how I saved my remaining hair by taking prompt action, (even though that action took 20 years to perfect). I grew new hair.

You won't need painful surgery, messy lotions, shock treatment or lasers. You won't suffer side effects of pharmaceuticals, nor need to buy expensive herbal pills, (that you have to keep buying forever, or.. till you give up).

Imagine.. no more disapointments, no more frustration. No more lost time trying out useless ideas. No more searching day and night for clues.

There's no 'magic' here. It's just clever manipulation of human physiology worked-out by a Medical Professor and his team. They discovered previously unknown bio-chemical pathways. I had the background to take their basic concept forward. I looked where others hadn't looked before. I had the patience to test each new idea over many years.

Imagine.. How Much Better You'll Look & Feel in the Years to come with this worrying problem sorted out..

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Your hair-loss can easily and quickly reverse.. but it absolutely needs a science-based 3-Step solution. There is no other way!

If there was another way, you wouldn't be reading this now! The 3-Step System was born in the early 1980s. A Professor of Medicine, at The Sydney University Medical School, Australia, with some of his students examined ideas that could slow or stop hair loss. They worked-out a clever 'active stage' that gave promising results. The project then ended. Soon after that time, I was looking for a solution to my hair-loss, but none were available. I was then the owner/operator of a chain of Fitness Clubs in the Far East. One of my Club members had been in that hair-loss study team in Sydney. He kindly passed their basic concepts on to me.

I felt I could further pursue these ideas, as I had studied Human Physiolgy and was reading hundreds of health related medical papers every year. Over the next two decades I discovered that three steps had to be fully implemented to stop hair loss, and to allow new hair to grow. Step 1. Stopping ALL hair root damage. Originally only a few causes of this damage were found. I have now identified nine. Step 2. Addressing the cause of male pattern baldness. The clever active stage that was originally worked out needed much fine tuning. Step 3. Nutrition. This was barely touched. There were recent cases of massive hair loss related to fad diets, so this step needed much research.

The original study didn't examine if lost hair would regrow. All we knew was how difficult it was to 'kill' hair roots. No one knew if roots that had lost their hair were merely dormant, (sleeping), and if so, could they be 'woken up'. To my surprise, after upgrading the original concept, I re-grew lost hair! Later I found that in a few rare cases, where there was long term, and intense damage to the hair roots, that only recently lost hair would regrow. This makes it impossible to guarantee that all lost hair will re-grow. As the 'researcher/tester', I noted that after age 74 it was impossible for me to generate new growth, so age is also a factor. I still have NO hair-loss. I guess you're OK on the age factor :-)

Recently L'Oréal scientists stated they found that hair roots that lost hair are merely 'sleeping' and need 'waking-up'. While they search a 'chemical' solution, we announced our 'natural' one of it's kind breakthrough.

My photos, (Thomas Turek), showing 24 year progress. I decided to share my research findings only after the latest upgrades to the 3-Step System allowed me to Guarantee your positive & fast results.

Age 52. My balding head badly needs a solution. None are available. I didn't wish to look like my poor dad, almost bald at 55, then spending half his time trying to hide it.

Age 62.
After 10 years of testing and improving the system, hair-loss had stopped and some new hair had grown. Self-confidence greatly boosted.

Proof that it really works.
Here at age 74, an almost full head of thick, naturally colored hair. The early balding at the back/ top is nicely filled in.

These Are Your Choices To 'Fight' Hair-Loss.

Choice #1. You could get a hair-transplant.

Why would you want to do that? It's painful as it's surgery. As hair-loss continues, the transplant stays as an island of hair on a balding head. In time the newly transplanted hairs will also be lost, unless you protect the hair roots. However, If you need a quick-fix, or have already invested in a transplant, Why Not Protect your new hair, as well as your remaining hair, with my 3-Step System?

Choice #2. There are herbal pills, pumpkin seed oil, and pharmaceutical hormone blockers.

These attempt to block the conversion of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, DHT. This conversion increases as we age, and IS the cause of male pattern baldness. Reducing DHT conversion does not get you results. Note. My 3-Step system cleverly addresses the DHT problem.

Pharmaceuticals' side effects include impotence, chest pains, unexplained weight gain, swollen hands and feet, scalp irritaion and facial hair. Many gave up due to cost and the effort involved, so were lucky not to suffer side effects.

Costly and painful stem cell solutions are still years away, and even those will need protection.

Choice #3. You could slap on all kinds of lotions and special shampoos.

You can spend hundred of dollars on these products. Nutrients in these products cannot be 'pumped into' the hair roots. 99% of nutrients reach the hair roots via the blood-stream. If you are very lucky, you will get a few fine hairs. Some anti-hair-loss shampoos advise twice a day hair-wash. The 3-Step System explains why this speeds hair-loss.

Choice #4. You could buy mechanical, laser or electrical stimulators to 'shock' the hair back.

Some fine hair may grow, if you are lucky, BUT this and the REST, will soon be lost if the 3 main causes of hair-loss are not addressed.

Choice #5. You could buy a wig or a hairpiece.

That will cost hundred of dollars, maybe look really funny, (even if you did get an instant head of hair). These are sometimes woven into existing hair, if it`s still there, but come off with a firm pull. They need constant expensive maintenance, as hair-loss and hair color-change continue!

Choice #6. You could give-up.

Then, end-up shaving your head bald, and get sympathetic stares. Look around.. many you see with hair loss will soon be bald.. they've given up. If YOU give up..imagine what people will see on your head in 5, 10, 20 years time!

Choice #7. Or you can get started. I have set an affordable price for you.. Before purchase you need to assess my Solution's value to you. Ask yourself .. Is the cost of just one meal out for two.. (at a so-so restaurant. with a so-so bottle of wine), say $116*-- or.. for this price, just one fancy Leonard silk tie, (which may not even be noticed if you also present a balding head).. worth the price of saving your hair. If the answer is 'yes', the secrets are yours. *Check the order form if my special offer is still available.

Watch For These Results Soon After You Start-Up.

Your Hair Loss Stops within 1, or at most 2 weeks after you stop 'damaging' your hair roots, start the 'active stage' AND correct your nutrition. As your hair roots slowly 'heal', hair loss stops and new hair can grow. If hair root damage has not been massive, new hair will present itself within 1-3 months, after hair-loss stopped. New hair will first arrive where you've had recent hair-loss, and slowly spreads across the scalp. New hair will NOT be sharp and bristly, (like after shaving), but slowly becomes robust. New hair grows slower than existing hair. Expect some hair-loss from natural cycling, but that easily regrows.

Other Causes of Hair-Loss. Surgery, trauma, sickness, chemotherapy, radiation poisoning, certain medications, fungus, stress, mite infestation, or alopecia. The 3-step program cannot prevent this hair-loss, it maybe can lessen it. When that particular health condition no longer exists, hair growth will resume! Testosterone injections or patches can cause much hair-loss due to higher DHT levels.

Your Hair Roots May Have Been Damaged. Permanent damage occurs from electrolysis, thermolysis, X-rays and lasers. Also, severe, long term and multifaceted damage MAY permanently damage hair roots but this is very rare.


The 3-Step System.. is very simple. When you know it, you stop your hair-loss, guaranteed, & grow new hair. Why get balder every day with the solution at hand?

Step #1. You get detailed Instructions how to stop All damage to your hair roots.

While hair roots get even slightly damaged, hair loss will continue and new hair cannot grow. For complete success, you must address all the nine causes of hair-root damage I've identified.

Step #2. You get my expert step by step coaching for the clever 'active stage'. This stage reverses the harmful effects of your natural hormone changes caused by aging. These changes lead to male pattern baldness, and in women, to general hair loss.

The breakthrough clever `active stage` only needs about two to three minutes twice a day. This reverses the damaging effects of DHT, (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a hormone, a chemical messenger, naturally converted from the 'male' hormone, testosterone. (Women also have a little testosterone.).

As we age, this conversion increases. Some men experience male pattern baldness in their early 20s. This would be genetic, following their forefathers patterns. Ladies, having much less testosterone, make only a little DHT. Thus ladies lose only some hair, much later than men and from all-over the head. The 3-Step System is effective for ladies too. Daily damage and poor nutrition speeds DHT-caused hair-loss in both sexes.

Step #3. You get the Nutrition Guide that ensures you get correct nutrients from everyday foods. Your dietician or doc. won't tell you this!

Missing vital nutrients is a major cause of today's massive hair-loss 'epidemic'. Your hair roots MUST have these nutrients most days. Many of these are missed when people alter their diets, hoping to eat 'healthy'. I will advise you these essential nutrients & in which foods they are the highest.

Free Bonuses!

You get these special bonuses worth US$195 absolutely free, and they are yours to keep, no matter what! This documented but rarely 'given-out' information is what keeps me in robust med-free health at 76.

  • You get your checklist of over a dozen super-foods that are loaded with health-giving nutrients that boost cell repair, hair growth, immunity, sleep, etc.

  • You get Your food warning list on 11 foods (or food groups) that are touted as healthy, BUT are harmful!

  • You get Your cookware warning list. Harmful compounds leach into your food from some cookware materials. These can really damage your health. You get the microwave oven warning. You'll throw it out after you read the science.

  • You get Your exercise tips. You should exercise, and do more than just taking a walk or doing some gardening! Very new short-burst heart and lung strengthening exercise also releases masses of human growth hormone, HGH. HGH burns fat like crazy and repairs your body's cells ie it's anti-aging. This needs only 2-3 sessions a week and takes no more than 18 minutes. You can start-out with just a few sprints and build-up. You get your sensible weight-training guide for toning, shaping and strengthening. You don't have to train like Arnie to enjoy robust health.

  • You get Your weight loss tips, (if you need to lose a few pounds/kilos). A fast, simple, no-hunger, fat-reducing diet that's super-healthy. It's been successfully used by tens of thousands of my Fitness Club Members. I stay 'cut' & in robust med-free health on this easy to follow 'long term' exercise & diet plan. My exercise & diet combo may be the only one of it's kind that loses your fat AND builds your muscle at the same time. After all, I did write the Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors Certifcation Syllabus for the Far East.

  • And, don't miss this..You get Your anti-aging checklist.

    ** Will Jeremiasse, Personal Trainer, Sydney Australia wrote.. 'I read the whole book (Free Bonuses) in a day. Whew! You sure gave plenty of great info for xxxx bucks. Was a fantastic read'. Being up-to-date with his nutrition, Will stopped hair loss in just days. New hair growth I asked? 'I have now saved all my remaining hair. I only starting losing recently, so saving my present head of hair was the most important point for me. For that, I will be eternally grateful!'.. he wrote..

You're probably thinking.. 'Will this really work for me'? Yes.. I am so sure that it will, based on my 20 years of testing, and from results coming in, that I confidently offer you a 100% money-back Guarantee if you don't stop your hair-loss. You'll be hard pressed to find any other hair-loss solution with such a guarantee! New growth cannot be guaranteed as your hair root damage may have been extreme, but.. we found this very rare.

If you have followed the 3-step system, and your hair-loss hasn't stopped within 30 days, then the publisher of TTHairSolutions, Worldwide Inc. Ltd. Will Refund your payment in Full! The publisher and I are confident you'll stay in the program, fully implement my 3-Step System and that you will get what you wished for! Our contact is: support@tthairsolutions.com.

Some of our valued customers comment on their progress.

Diego De Figueroa. Commercial Director. El Camino De La Luz Cine-Productions, Seewalchen am Attersee. Upper Austria. I send a brief thank you for helping resolve my hair-loss problem, and you may place it on your website. I saw your promotion and gave myself a present of your product.I stopped losing hair very quickly. New hair is slowly appearing. I was very excited to stop hair loss so easily! I wish I found you earlier! El gusto es mio. Diego.

Neal Malani, CEO, Canrise Corp. Laval, Quebec. Canada.
Tom's ideas are getting me the results promised on the site. This is the first end-to-end solution I've found. Great value for the money! Tom, you also owe me a vote of thanks for recommending your system to my many balding friends. Neal.

Walter Rieve CEO. Automotive Products, Antwerp, Belgium.
Age 48. My girlfriend found this kit for me. She didn't like my mood swings from my getting bald. She is a nurse, and told me these ideas made more sense than anything else she found. I am a 'foodie', and needed more information on my eating. Tom kindly replied, and asked for my experience. The kit is easy to follow. In just over a week my hair stopped falling. About 2 months later I noticed some new hair. I have joined a Fitness, (centre) because of advice in Tom's kit. My recommendation, if your hair is dropping out, Tom's kit is a must-have. Thanks for taking the time, Tom, to share with us what is working for you. :) Hartelijk bedankt. Walter.

Dave Yamamoto. Snr. Internal Auditor, Compliance Dept.
New York Stock Exchange.

Age 64, retired, writes: I had time to assess various health and fitness issues. The 3-Step System ad came up. It covered hair and health, so I gave it a shot. Their support answered some questions & requested I write a few words. Hair loss stopped in a week after I tidied up 3 phases. New hair is coming, rather slowly, (guess it's my age). I didn't believe I'd regrow hair without 'little bottles of gunk'. The health info is very solid. There's enough there to keep me going for months. If you're losing hair, you'll have no regrets getting the program. It 'over-delivers'. Dave.

YES! I urgently need your help! Retail Price for the Course is US$116.-
I'll Grab Your 50% Discount & Pay Only US$58.-

Hurry.. 50% Discount ONLY For 1st 100 Purchased on this offer.

We are currently having some problems with our site, and working on a new site. If you want to buy a course or have further questions please send me a mail to support@tthairsolutions.com then i will reply you with instructions about how to do :)

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